Keratin Straightening Techniques

The keratin straightening treatment has created quite a buzz in the celebrity world. There was a time when this type of hair treatment was considered a miracle by a number of famous celebrities. However, it is a method which requires a bit of research, as some celebrities have discovered!

For example, in late 2013 Jennifer Aniston had her hair cut to chin length. The reason for this drastic cut was due to the damage incurred by a kind of bizarre keratin straightening treatment. While the jury is out as to whether or not this really was a “keratin treatment” or something more extreme (you know how celebs like to try new things the rest of us can only dream of doing!), the resulting news articles made more than a few women cautious of keratin treatment.

Keratin straightening techniques

The truth is, there are many advocates for keratin straightening treatment – including salons like Detail Woman. The only real risk with keratin treatment is if the hairdressers are not properly trained in how to apply the treatment. You see, the keratin straightening treatment is very intense compared to other hairstyling treatments. It is a hair smoothing system that is semi-permanent. It targets the outside layer of the hair called the cuticle.

Keratin straightening will deposit a liquid version of keratin (a protein), into the hair. It will also introduce a chemical preservative. After the treatment is completed, your hair will undergo a blow dry and flat ironing which will cause each of the hair strands to go into a straightened condition.

Here at Detail Woman, we only use the world’s most effective and safest keratin straightening systems such as Terre a Mer and Nanokeratin. These solutions have introduced an advancement use of keratin to treat hair and have even incorporated natural hair straightening therapy in the process. The results could be astounding and very opposite Jennifer Aniston’s dubious experience.

Most certified hair stylists recommend this treatment for softening curly hair without permanently altering the hair’s texture. Unlike using a hair iron, it won’t cause your hair to break. in around 90 minutes, your hair can be transformed safely and easily. The results could last up to two-and-a-half months with proper care – for example, don’t wash your hair for 4 days after getting the keratin treatment (so the solution can do its job), and make sure your shampoo is sodium-sulfate-free for best results.

It is interesting to note that women who have straight hair usually try to find ways to curl it, and those who have curly hair try to find ways to straighten it! Ultimately, it comes down to choice. But one good idea before spending your time and money on any hair treatment is to do your research – ask professionals, and check out the testimonials from any prospective suppliers. We all have different hair types, so not all hair solutions or formulas will work well for everyone.

It is true that both straightening and curling your hair can be an investment when done by a professional hair stylist. When you entrust your hair to a quality hairdresser, you’re increasing your chances of a positive outcome. Get a complimentary hair assessment from Detail Woman before you make a commitment – one of our qualified hairdressers will talk you through the entire process. And you’ll be able to avoid a Jennifer Aniston experience!

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