What Happens When Celebrity Hair Goes Bad?

There are some celebrities who have made their name by simply having bad hair. Donald Trump is a good case in point. His comb-over is the stuff of legends. But most celebrities don’t even think of walking out the door, much less walking the red carpet, without having a hairdresser in their entourage. So, what exactly is going on when otherwise well-coiffed A-Listers appear in public with bad hair?

When celebrity hair goes badSometimes It’s a Big Oops

Occasionally, the team of fashion experts at the back who does the call of stars makes the wrong call and chooses a hair style that is absolutely wrong for their clients. Case in point – when Jennifer Lopez is out in public, all we see is perfection most of the time. However, who can forget that time at the Oscars when her stylists chose a perfectly horrible bouffant hair style that looked so bad on her that we could care less about the dress?

Let’s face it: in sport, you don’t win every game you play, and we all make mistakes from time to time. But we do expect our sporting heroes to be victorious all the time! So it’s not a realistic expectation, in reality. Similarly, sometimes bad hair happens simply because celebrities are so busy that they don’t have the time to get the right look. They rush in to have their hair done and rush back off before it is quite perfect. Oops. I’ll bet they wish they had scheduled in more time for hair care once they see their more “modest appearance” in the media!

Alarming Hair Cuts Can Be a Shocker

When a hair cut works, everyone can’t stop talking about it and you’ll soon see people sporting the style everywhere you go. That’s the reason why people chop their locks. It all started when photos of sweet and short-haired Audrey Hepburn swept the nation way back in the day.

Unfortunately, new cuts and styles don’t always work. They can turn a glam star into a dowdy old lady, or a stylish older femme fatale into a caricature of her former self. If you want to avoid having a bad hair experience, it’s worth your time to consult with your favourite hair salon in Sydney BEFORE the scissors start snipping.

You could call it proof that – sometimes – hair is a great way to get publicity.

The Tale that Pictures Tell

One thing is for certain, if you are a celebrity and you are in the middle of a super-bad hair day, there will be paparazzi everywhere. These guys must have an alert button on their cell phones that delivers the exact location and degree of hair horribleness that is waiting for them. Those pictures are bound to be featured on front pages of every supermarket’s news rag (and live on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest) in less time that it would’ve taken for the poor celeb to hide their hair in a hat or cap!

As a society, we love to watch celebrities. And it’s easy to ask, “What was that girl thinking?”

So the next time you get a less-than-amazing haircut, first be grateful that you’re not a celebrity. Second, call our friendly team at Detail Woman, so we can help turn your disaster into a delight!


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