Taking Care of Hair Extensions in the Summer

It goes without saying that there are a lot of things about summer that can wreak havoc on your own natural hair. However, when you combine sweat, sun, chlorine and salt water with hair extensions, these extra waves can start to turn into somewhat of a disaster if you are not careful. This calls for using some of the best tips and tricks to ensure good care of your hair extensions so that they, along with your natural hair, can stay in great shape no matter what the summer months bring.

Taking Care of Hair ExtensionsThe hair that makes up most hair extensions can be treated very closely to the way that you would treat your natural hair. It is going to be the tape or bonds that are going to be fragile and require extra time and care. If you have bonded extensions, they are going to be the most fragile whenever they get wet. You can still go swimming, however you never want to let the extensions soak in the water for a long period of time.

It is also going to be best that you dry them as soon as you get out of the water. A great tip is to keep your hair in a low bun or a braid whenever you are going to go swimming so that you can avoid the tangling. A ponytail may not always be a good idea because the weight can cause tension on your keratin bonds, leading to potential breakage.

Tape-in hair extensions are going to be subject to damage from any of the skin or sun products that you use during the summer months. Whenever you get lotion, such as sunscreen, around your hairline, it can cause the corners of the tape to come loose. You want to make sure that you wash your hands or rinse them off after you apply a lotion and make sure that you are not depositing any of the product residue on your hair so that the tape doesn’t slip.

Extensions should always be handled as gently as possible, regardless of the season. You want to make sure that you are brushing your hair every single day with an extension-friendly brush, especially during the summer. These are special brushes that are not going to get tangled up in the bonds of the extensions, and they are meant to easily glide through your hair.

Another good tip during the summer is to use a light leave-in conditioner so that the hair doesn’t get dried out or tangled. Just be sure that you are careful to keep the conditioner away from the roots so that it does not come into contact with the bond or the tape. Detanglers can be a lifesaver when applied to the lengths or ends of your natural hair and extensions to make sure that your hair is tangle free and nice and healthy for as long as possible, regardless of what summer brings.

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Signs that Your Hair is Stressed and You Need to do Something about it

Most people in the modern world feel some kind of stress on a regular basis. Driving, working and maintaining relationships can all be incredibly draining on even the most determined denizens of the twenty first century. Stress relief has become a multi-billion dollar industry with products ranging from squeezable toys to big budget movies. Stress is not a pleasant sensation for any part of a human being. But did you know even your hair can be stressed? Taking poor care of your hair can cause it to be come dry, tangled and frizzy in ways that do you no good. Careful hair care can prevent stress from affecting your mane, but there are some signs that it’s time to give your hair some serious TLC.

Hair Salons Sydney - Your Hair Needs to RelaxHow easily you are able to run your fingers through your hair is the first sign. If your hair feels smooth and the journey is hassle free, your hair is probably fine. Conversely, if your hair is rough and your fingers have a hard time running through your hair or over your scalp, it might be time to look into giving it some more care, specifically by moisturizing it. Another sign is hair loss. While some forms of hair loss are the inevitable result of a bad roll of the genetic dice, coming up with clumps of hair in the shower may also be the result of hair being dry and damaged in a long-term sense. Hair salon in Sydney is treating your hair better and worth a shot if you think you’re losing your hair.

Split ends are another tell tale sign that your hair is over stressed and needs help. Wrapping your hair along your finger and finding a number of strands sticking out means you probably need to give your hair some relief. Also, take a moment to examine the shine of your hair. If it isn’t reflecting light very well, it might be time to go easy on the hair products you’re putting in there.

Another thing to be wary of is tangles. If your hair is far more tangled and full of knots than usual, you might want to reconsider the kind of comb you use; curly hair, for instance, is a lot easier to live with if it’s combed with a pick rather than a brush. It’s a good idea to be careful how often you dye your hair as dying it too frequently will often leave behind dry and bedraggled strands as the hydrogen peroxide infuses and damages the hair if it’s used too often.

Finally, take some discarded hair and attempt to yank it apart. If it breaks without any problems and displays no elasticity, your hair probably needs to de-stress. Find the best hair salon in Sydney to relax your hair from stress.

Exactly what you should do to treat your hair if it’s been over-stressed will vary depending on the kind of hair you have and what you want to do with it. Very curly hair needs different care than very smooth hair, but once you figure out how to best care for your locks, you’ll be ready to bring them back into fighting shape. Consult a knowledgeable friend or professional stylist like us at Detail Woman. Taking this advice has high chances of setting you on the right path to healthier hair. Book your appointment today by visiting http://www.DetailWoman.com or calling 02 9251 9966.

A Keratin Treatment that Lets You Keep Your Curls


Some women were born with gorgeous, naturally curly hair, while others struggle to get this, especially if they’re blessed with thick, coarse curls. If you need a bit more help, you may wish to consider keratin treatments. Don’t let the name intimidate you. Instead, embrace your unruly hair, and give it what for with some keratin.

Keratin Treatment Allowing CurlsGive your favourite salon a call, and get started on the process of taming those wild curls. A keratin treatment can be made from non-toxic ingredients, so you don’t have to stress or be intimidated by some of the names you’ll hear when you tell your stylist what you’re looking for.

Keratin works by repairing your wild locks and helping them to be deeply conditioned. By using this refined approach, your hair will be smooth and silky as those wild curls will relax a bit and allow you to run that comb through them.

Instead of the frizzies, you can have that gorgeous hair that you’ve always envied. The trick is in the process of the keratin treatment. There are several different types of keratin treatments so be sure to discuss your options with your stylist prior to beginning your treatment.

By applying the right amount of heat and keratin, your hair can absorb the right amount of product. Follow this up by not shampooing or allowing anything on the hair for a few days after your treatment. Do this, and your hair will give you those gorgeous curls that you’ve always dreamed of.

Please remember that you should also avoid salt water, as well as chlorinated water, and you’ll be able to retain those gorgeous locks even longer. Your stylist may also recommend other products to avoid, and they may also recommend that you avoid heat and bright lighting to protect your hair from any damage.

When you do shampoo your hair, be sure that you follow your stylist’s instructions to maintain those wavy curls. Many stylists prefer that you use specific products on your keratin-processed hair.

The entire process is a good shampoo and condition twice over for your hair. You’ll be given a good keratin treatment and have your hair blown dry.

Then you’ll head to the shampoo area, and they will lather you up and give your hair a nice, deep conditioning treatment.

This will be followed up with another soft blow dry and style, and you’ll be on your way. Nothing intimidating about that, right?

Of course, everyone’s hair is different. If you’re one of those women who are blessed with frizzy or very coarse hair, you may wish to try a keratin treatment to help you preserve your curls and maintain some bounce. You’ll look great and feel great as well.

Getting a keratin treatment will have you up and ready in no time. So go ahead and take the leap; give your curls back their bounce and leave the frizz behind. Our experts at Detail Woman can help you best on this. Please check out our website http://www.DetailWoman.com and book your obligation-free consultation. We are sure you will start loving our safe keratin treatment procedures.

Hair Extensions: How to Apply and When to Remove

If you are looking into having hair extensions put in, it will be in your best interest to look for the best method to suit your needs and the desired look that you are going for. Hair extensions provide a way to have your hair longer and fuller in a very short period of time. This makes them very convenient for prom, a wedding or any other special occasion that you may have planned. Once you are tired of the extensions, you can simply have them removed and go back to your natural hair.

How to apply and when to remove hair extensionsHowever, how they are applied will depend upon a few different factors. These factors may include the type of hair that you are having put in, the type of hair that you have naturally, and the professional who you are using to do the application. You have a number of options available for you, including glued, bonded or keratin extensions, micro-bead extensions, clip-on or taped-in extensions or tracks using sewn in extensions.

Some of the longest lasting extensions will be those that are sewn in, otherwise known as a weave or tracks. The length of time that they will last overall will depend upon the quality of the hair that you are having to put in, as well as whether or not your own natural hair has the ability to handle the actual weight of your extensions. It is a good idea to make your way to the salon every six to eight weeks to keep them looking great. You will need to have your hairdresser remove them for you when it is time. Hair Extension Specialist can help you with this. You may visit http://www.hairextensionspecialist.com.au and see all of your available options.

Bonded, glued or keratin extensions are done by taking a small section of your hair and then bonding the extension with a tiny bonding bead and the use of a hot tool. Just as any other type of extension, you have to keep up with the maintenance, which includes regular salon visits. Some people are able to remove them on their own at home. However, the process will go a lot faster if you have your salon professional take care of the removal for you.

Micro-bead extensions are done simply by clipping the extension onto your natural hair as close to the root as possible. The modern bead connectors are very durable, and they are generally comfortable. However, you need to be careful when using certain styling appliances. These are also hair extensions that can be removed at home or quicker with the help of a professional at a salon.

Clip-on or tape extensions are meant only for temporary use, and you will be able to apply and remove them yourself within a short period of time.

With some research, you will find that one method that will suit your needs more so than the others. It will just be a matter of doing your homework and picking out the right method of application and removal to suit your comfort level.

Real Talk: Why Women Hate Curly and Frizzy Hair

When it comes to hair, women can be really picky about what they like and what they don’t like. If someone has curly or frizzy hair, there can be quite a few reasons why they may hate it. It can be hard to control and difficult to do anything with without spending a lot of time on it. This type of hair also requires different types of shampoos and conditioners.

Managing frizzy hair can be quite time consuming. If someone doesn’t have much time in the mornings, it can be very difficult to know what to do. A person would need to either straighten their hair or put products in it to reduce the chance of it turning frizzy. Not having much time in the mornings would only add to the problem. Keratin treatment can help solve this problem.

Why woman hate frizzy hairIn order to do those things, they would have to wake up earlier. They would not be able to just wash their hair and go. It can be hard to maintain that type of schedule each day.

One option could be to cut their hair short. However, with curly hair, this still might be an issue. It might be a little bit easier to work with if it is shorter, but some things will still have to be done.

A lot of women with curly hair envy people with straight hair. They can just brush it and go, and that can seem ideal. It can make it feel like having curly hair is a big pain and something that takes a lot of time to get right instead of something that is easier to manage.

Another reason why women hate having curly and frizzy hair is because of the care they have to take when washing it. If they wash it with regular shampoo, it will sometimes just make it frizzier. This can be frustrating, and it is hard to know what products to use.

They might have to spend a lot of time and energy on finding the right product that works for their hair. They might have to buy a few things before finding the right one, and the cost of that will quickly add up. Even if something works for one person, it might not work well for another, and that can be hard when you are trying to figure out what works.

Leaving the hair alone is not a good idea and will frustrate the woman even more. Walking around with frizzy hair can feel embarrassing, and there is a lot of pressure to have it look the right way. There isn’t an easy way to handle it. Keratin straightening is one way to fix curly and frizzy hair.

If you do have this type of hair, the best thing to do would be to research your options. Look and see what others have tried, and find something that works. Keep in mind that it might take a while in order to figure out a good method, but it will be worth it if you put time and energy into it.

The best option, however, would be visiting a good salon like Detail Woman. Professional advice from our hair experts will help guide you with your options for getting rid of your curly hair. We can even help you choose the perfect hairstyles for your curly hair that would suit should you be keen on keeping it curly. You might even start loving your curly hair. Please visit http://www.detailwoman.com and book your appointment today!

Trendy Hair Colours for 2015

Hair is one of those things that we love to fancy up for other people and for ourselves, too. It’s fun to try out different hair styles, to do it up short or long, to make it elegant or sporty. It’s just as fun to colour it. We can see how some of the more wild and wacky colours might look on us, or see how we’d look if we’d been born a redhead instead of a brunette.

Trendy hair coloursHair is just fun! Which means that as we close out the year 2015, you may want to consider trying a new hair colour in the best hair salon in Sydney. If you want to try out new colours before the year ends, you may want to know what the trendy hair colours for 2015 are as you only have a couple months left in this year. Now, you don’t have to go with a trendy hair colour, of course. You should go with the hair colour that entertains you. You should do stuff that makes you happy, not do stuff just because other people are doing the same thing. Still, trendy hair colours can be fun, so there’s no reason to rule them out completely either.

With the spring months bringing Halloween along with them, many people enjoy colouring their hair weird, wacky colours! A popular colour combination is orange and black, which are fairly symbolic of the season. They’re fun, festive colours that can easily draw attention.

Many other people are going with more “traditional” outlandish hair colours and are simply dyeing their hair platinum blond or blue. These are good choices because they’re the types of over-the-top colours that are almost acceptable by every day society. While there are still some work dress codes that demand no unnatural hair colours, most people will still simply chuckle and shrug if you have a hair colour like blue.

In the spirit of the colour of the season, many people are choosing to see how they might have looked as a red head. While the summer is always a popular season for strawberry blond, the spring months bring a rise of people who try out a darker red colour. Sometimes this red might be a brick or fire truck red, but more often, it’s the lighter, more natural looking red that gives a dark sheen in the right light. After all, what other colour would remind you so well of the leaves out side?

And of course, no matter what year, what season, or what month you’re in, everyone wants to try going simply blond or brunette, just to see how it would look. Giving the opposite colour a try is always trendy. Look for a hair salon in Sydney and try this new style.

It all boils down to the fact that, you should try out hair colours that make you happy. Go with what you think will be fun, or what you think will look nice. Sometimes, there’s a simple fun in trying something just because you thought someone else looked good with it. So you do whatever feels right to you.

For advice on the best colour combination for your hair type, you may want to book an appointment at Detail Woman by visiting their website http://www.detailwoman.com or by simply dialling 02 9251 9966.

Possible Dangers of Hair Extensions and How to Avoid Them

Although hair extensions were occasionally used by actresses in the recent past, they have since become an amazing invention open to the mainstream. Women both young and old use hair extensions to add lustre and thickness to their hair, thus making their hair seem healthier and stronger than it is.  Whether synthetic or real human hair, the extensions may be applied using glue, wax, clip in, microring, weave, or cold fusion, among other methods.

Although most women use these extensions as an addition to their beauty, many of them are unaware of possible dangers that come with these add-ons. Discussed below are some of the possible dangers of hair extensions and how to avoid them.

Possible dangers of hair extensions1. Hair damage:

Using hair extensions can cause massive hair damage, which again can lead to patched baldness. This is mainly because the extra hair is too heavy for the hair roots to hold, which means most of the added hair will automatically be pulled out due to the weight. This mostly happens with black-market hair extensions that are a lot heavier. Patched baldness can also be caused by having a weave on for too long, thus depriving your hair off oils and the aeration needed for a healthy scalp.  To avoid this, you should only consider high quality hair extensions (buy them from certified suppliers), or even better; use the extensions minimally.

2. Excruciating pain and headaches:

According to research, many of the women who go for hair treatments (mainly hair extensions) suffer from excruciating pain on the scalp, and headaches that may last for a while. This is attributed to all the pulling being done when fixing the extensions, or simply if the extensions are too tight.  Nonetheless, using an experienced hairstylist to fix the extensions could prevent this. Finding an experienced hairstylist may however be hard considering the many hair salons available with trainees of self-proclaimed hairstylists who haven’t received any form of training, so be aware of that when looking for a hairstylist.

3. Allergic reactions:

Using hair extensions can have devastating effects on the user, especially for those with sensitive skin. There have been cases of patients suffering from dermatitis caused by rubbers and glues used during extension application or removal.  It is believed that using the wrong solutions when fixing or removing hair extensions is the cause of many recorded allergic reactions. Health practitioners therefore recommend using a hairstylist with formal training and who is certified to do this.  In addition to this, you are advised to see a dermatologist for help/advise on whether to use hair extensions, and which application method/solution should be used.

4. Black-market hair extensions:

Originally, hair extensions were specially designed for efficiency and the quality was unquestionable. The price was however over the top for many people, and this gave rise to cheap, black-market hair extensions.  These could be second-hand hair extensions from someone who had discarded them, or made by low quality manufacturers. If you have to use hair extensions, always consider using original and high quality products.

Another possible danger of using the wrong hair extensions, is that it may affect the thickness of your natural hair. This may be caused due to lack of aeration, heavy extensions, or due to the straining on the hair follicles. If you are seeking hair extension, only use them during special occasions or invest in high quality human hair.

And above all, be sure to patron a reputable hair salon in Sydney who use only premium, 100% human hair extensions… like Detail Woman!