Taking Care of Hair Extensions in the Summer

It goes without saying that there are a lot of things about summer that can wreak havoc on your own natural hair. However, when you combine sweat, sun, chlorine and salt water with hair extensions, these extra waves can start to turn into somewhat of a disaster if you are not careful. This calls for using some of the best tips and tricks to ensure good care of your hair extensions so that they, along with your natural hair, can stay in great shape no matter what the summer months bring.

Taking Care of Hair ExtensionsThe hair that makes up most hair extensions can be treated very closely to the way that you would treat your natural hair. It is going to be the tape or bonds that are going to be fragile and require extra time and care. If you have bonded extensions, they are going to be the most fragile whenever they get wet. You can still go swimming, however you never want to let the extensions soak in the water for a long period of time.

It is also going to be best that you dry them as soon as you get out of the water. A great tip is to keep your hair in a low bun or a braid whenever you are going to go swimming so that you can avoid the tangling. A ponytail may not always be a good idea because the weight can cause tension on your keratin bonds, leading to potential breakage.

Tape-in hair extensions are going to be subject to damage from any of the skin or sun products that you use during the summer months. Whenever you get lotion, such as sunscreen, around your hairline, it can cause the corners of the tape to come loose. You want to make sure that you wash your hands or rinse them off after you apply a lotion and make sure that you are not depositing any of the product residue on your hair so that the tape doesn’t slip.

Extensions should always be handled as gently as possible, regardless of the season. You want to make sure that you are brushing your hair every single day with an extension-friendly brush, especially during the summer. These are special brushes that are not going to get tangled up in the bonds of the extensions, and they are meant to easily glide through your hair.

Another good tip during the summer is to use a light leave-in conditioner so that the hair doesn’t get dried out or tangled. Just be sure that you are careful to keep the conditioner away from the roots so that it does not come into contact with the bond or the tape. Detanglers can be a lifesaver when applied to the lengths or ends of your natural hair and extensions to make sure that your hair is tangle free and nice and healthy for as long as possible, regardless of what summer brings.

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Hair Extensions: How to Apply and When to Remove

If you are looking into having hair extensions put in, it will be in your best interest to look for the best method to suit your needs and the desired look that you are going for. Hair extensions provide a way to have your hair longer and fuller in a very short period of time. This makes them very convenient for prom, a wedding or any other special occasion that you may have planned. Once you are tired of the extensions, you can simply have them removed and go back to your natural hair.

How to apply and when to remove hair extensionsHowever, how they are applied will depend upon a few different factors. These factors may include the type of hair that you are having put in, the type of hair that you have naturally, and the professional who you are using to do the application. You have a number of options available for you, including glued, bonded or keratin extensions, micro-bead extensions, clip-on or taped-in extensions or tracks using sewn in extensions.

Some of the longest lasting extensions will be those that are sewn in, otherwise known as a weave or tracks. The length of time that they will last overall will depend upon the quality of the hair that you are having to put in, as well as whether or not your own natural hair has the ability to handle the actual weight of your extensions. It is a good idea to make your way to the salon every six to eight weeks to keep them looking great. You will need to have your hairdresser remove them for you when it is time. Hair Extension Specialist can help you with this. You may visit http://www.hairextensionspecialist.com.au and see all of your available options.

Bonded, glued or keratin extensions are done by taking a small section of your hair and then bonding the extension with a tiny bonding bead and the use of a hot tool. Just as any other type of extension, you have to keep up with the maintenance, which includes regular salon visits. Some people are able to remove them on their own at home. However, the process will go a lot faster if you have your salon professional take care of the removal for you.

Micro-bead extensions are done simply by clipping the extension onto your natural hair as close to the root as possible. The modern bead connectors are very durable, and they are generally comfortable. However, you need to be careful when using certain styling appliances. These are also hair extensions that can be removed at home or quicker with the help of a professional at a salon.

Clip-on or tape extensions are meant only for temporary use, and you will be able to apply and remove them yourself within a short period of time.

With some research, you will find that one method that will suit your needs more so than the others. It will just be a matter of doing your homework and picking out the right method of application and removal to suit your comfort level.

Possible Dangers of Hair Extensions and How to Avoid Them

Although hair extensions were occasionally used by actresses in the recent past, they have since become an amazing invention open to the mainstream. Women both young and old use hair extensions to add lustre and thickness to their hair, thus making their hair seem healthier and stronger than it is.  Whether synthetic or real human hair, the extensions may be applied using glue, wax, clip in, microring, weave, or cold fusion, among other methods.

Although most women use these extensions as an addition to their beauty, many of them are unaware of possible dangers that come with these add-ons. Discussed below are some of the possible dangers of hair extensions and how to avoid them.

Possible dangers of hair extensions1. Hair damage:

Using hair extensions can cause massive hair damage, which again can lead to patched baldness. This is mainly because the extra hair is too heavy for the hair roots to hold, which means most of the added hair will automatically be pulled out due to the weight. This mostly happens with black-market hair extensions that are a lot heavier. Patched baldness can also be caused by having a weave on for too long, thus depriving your hair off oils and the aeration needed for a healthy scalp.  To avoid this, you should only consider high quality hair extensions (buy them from certified suppliers), or even better; use the extensions minimally.

2. Excruciating pain and headaches:

According to research, many of the women who go for hair treatments (mainly hair extensions) suffer from excruciating pain on the scalp, and headaches that may last for a while. This is attributed to all the pulling being done when fixing the extensions, or simply if the extensions are too tight.  Nonetheless, using an experienced hairstylist to fix the extensions could prevent this. Finding an experienced hairstylist may however be hard considering the many hair salons available with trainees of self-proclaimed hairstylists who haven’t received any form of training, so be aware of that when looking for a hairstylist.

3. Allergic reactions:

Using hair extensions can have devastating effects on the user, especially for those with sensitive skin. There have been cases of patients suffering from dermatitis caused by rubbers and glues used during extension application or removal.  It is believed that using the wrong solutions when fixing or removing hair extensions is the cause of many recorded allergic reactions. Health practitioners therefore recommend using a hairstylist with formal training and who is certified to do this.  In addition to this, you are advised to see a dermatologist for help/advise on whether to use hair extensions, and which application method/solution should be used.

4. Black-market hair extensions:

Originally, hair extensions were specially designed for efficiency and the quality was unquestionable. The price was however over the top for many people, and this gave rise to cheap, black-market hair extensions.  These could be second-hand hair extensions from someone who had discarded them, or made by low quality manufacturers. If you have to use hair extensions, always consider using original and high quality products.

Another possible danger of using the wrong hair extensions, is that it may affect the thickness of your natural hair. This may be caused due to lack of aeration, heavy extensions, or due to the straining on the hair follicles. If you are seeking hair extension, only use them during special occasions or invest in high quality human hair.

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The Importance Of High Quality Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fun and versatile way to drastically change your look. With the right extensions, you can have thick, long hair that is the envy of others. The most important part of getting extensions is choosing a high-quality brand. Cheap hair extensions produce a number of different inconveniences and issues. They are certainly a waste of time and money. Purchasing high-quality extensions might be more expensive, but it is well worth the money. Read the details here to learn why cheap hair extensions are not worth the financial savings.

Avoid cheap hair extensionsHair extensions are supposed to blend in effortlessly while adding length and thickness to your natural hair. Cheap synthetic designs do not blend in well; the texture of this fake hair is drastically noticeable. Because of this, it is easy to detect low-quality extensions even if they are the exact same colour as your real hair. This can be rather embarrassing. When you opt for high-end extensions, you will notice that they blend in seamlessly. They are virtually undetectable from your natural hair. Putting your money towards better extensions means that you do not have to worry about an unnatural look.

In addition to this, cheap hair extensions can be extremely difficult to style. They are not designed to be particularly heat resistant, so they cannot be used safely with flat irons and curling irons. Cheap extensions may also face significant wear and tear when subjected to shampoo, conditioner and styling products. When you try using cheap hair extensions, you will likely end up replacing them on a very frequent basis. Why waste your money doing this when you can make a single investment in a better quality product? Truly great extensions can be heat-styled and will respond well to a variety of hair products and tools.

Lastly, dyeing cheap-quality extensions can be quite an issue. This is true whether you use boxed colour or go to a salon for colour treatments. Synthetic hair may not hold dye the way your natural hair does. This means that your dye job will look uneven and unflattering. Top-of-the-line extensions are designed to accept and retain colour just like your real hair. This gives you an even, seamless dye job that holds colour well. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars when you cut out the need for repeated dyeing and extension replacements.

To find the best quality hair extensions, make sure you do your research before making a purchase. If you can afford it, opt for extensions that are made from 100 percent human hair. Some synthetic extensions are good quality, but this is not often the case. Carefully read user reviews and ratings to determine if extensions hold up well, blend properly and so on. You can also see what extensions are recommended by salon stylists. Overall, the choice you make is yours alone. Just keep in mind that investing in truly great hair extensions will save you time, money and inconvenience in the long run.

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Why Cheap Hair Extensions Should Be Avoided

Sydney women considering using hair extensions to spruce up their look need to be aware of the various options available. Quality matters when it comes to hair extensions. When you obtain cheap hair extensions, it probably won’t work the best for your hair, and it could result in damage to your existing hair.

After saying that, buying quality hair extensions in Sydney and other major Australian cities can be a tall order for women, especially if they do not know where to start and what to look for.

Hair extensions come in different types, lengths, textures, and colours. When you buy hair extensions, you need to understand the difference in various hair types. The different hair extensions can be used for specific benefits according to needs of women.

You may find some hair extensions that are 100 percent human hair. These provide the most natural looking type of extensions since they tend to be closest to the real hair of the wearer. It is also easy to take care of the human hair since it is washed and styled the normal way.

Avoid cheap hair extensions

There are other kinds of hair extensions that are made from synthetic materials like plastic, which are not high quality. When using these synthetic hair extensions, they need to be taken care of properly. Plastic doesn’t wash or style the same as normal hair does. Nonetheless, the synthetic hair extensions are considered among the cheapest when compared to human hair.

Mixed blend extensions have a blend of human hair combined with synthetic hair. You will get a middle-quality extension that is cheaper than a human hair and probably slightly expensive than the pure synthetic hair. Women are presented with a big task when it comes to taking care of their hair.

It is critical that women know how to care for their own hair. Having gorgeous and glossy hair is something cherish by women whether young or old. When a woman thinks of having a night out, she has to plan for a perfect look. And hair is one part that must be done properly.

So while cheaper hair extensions can be tempting, you need to ask whether the savings are going to be worth the result in the long run.

Bad hair extensions will not blend proportionately with the natural hair. This can result in hair which looks unbalanced, and easily “fake”. The hair may look rough and uneven instead of glossy and smooth. There may be some ups and downs, broken hairs, or loose ends – all of which create an uncomfortable feeling on the head. The texture of the cheap hair extensions may not be as smooth as you would imagine. This again makes the scalp feel uncomfortable, itchy and irritating.

In case you get cheap quality coloured or dyed hair extensions, you may find that they look dull and lifeless. Quality hair extensions do not lose strands when they are washed, dried, coloured or styled with tools that produce heat. In addition to that, their texture remains flawless for an extended period.

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It can be very intimidating and confusing at first, but with professional help that awaits you, you’ll make an informed decision with you hair extensions – and walk out feeling a sexier, more confident you!

Make your Hair Extensions Look More Natural

Hollywood celebrities have always sported natural-looking hair extensions to add volume and length to their hair. Today, more and more women around the world are turning to hair extensions to improve their look. Different types of hair extensions are available on the market—these are extensions made from real hair or are synthetic. The trick is to make these extensions look like your own by experimenting on how to get them to blend properly with your natural hair.

hair extensions Sydney

After choosing the appropriate length and colour of your hair extensions, the next step is to install the extension in a way that will make it look most natural on you. If you opt to clip them yourself, here are the steps to help you out.

Part and tease your hair. One way to do this is to part your hair in line with your eyebrows, then tease your hair below this part to make it easier for the extension clip to cling onto.

Begin clipping in your hair extension. You may need to repeat the first step to ensure that your hair is exactly of one length all around.

Cut your extensions to blend with your natural hair. It wouldn’t do for people to notice that some strands are longer than the others, so it’s advisable to cut your extensions and leave them four to five inches longer than your natural hair.

Begin styling your hair. This is an absolute must before you flaunt your hair in public. Curling your hair will blend both your natural hair and the extensions in a way that that makes the lengthening almost imperceptible.

How to Wear Hair Extensions That Look Natural

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume to your hair, changing or enhancing its look in the process. Extensions come in two types, natural and synthetic, and the former can be almost indistinguishable from the wearer’s own real hair. Care must be taken to make the hair extension tasteful in appearance, however, as even natural hair extensions can stick out like a sore thumb if not worn properly.

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