Make your Hair Extensions Look More Natural

Hollywood celebrities have always sported natural-looking hair extensions to add volume and length to their hair. Today, more and more women around the world are turning to hair extensions to improve their look. Different types of hair extensions are available on the market—these are extensions made from real hair or are synthetic. The trick is to make these extensions look like your own by experimenting on how to get them to blend properly with your natural hair.

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After choosing the appropriate length and colour of your hair extensions, the next step is to install the extension in a way that will make it look most natural on you. If you opt to clip them yourself, here are the steps to help you out.

Part and tease your hair. One way to do this is to part your hair in line with your eyebrows, then tease your hair below this part to make it easier for the extension clip to cling onto.

Begin clipping in your hair extension. You may need to repeat the first step to ensure that your hair is exactly of one length all around.

Cut your extensions to blend with your natural hair. It wouldn’t do for people to notice that some strands are longer than the others, so it’s advisable to cut your extensions and leave them four to five inches longer than your natural hair.

Begin styling your hair. This is an absolute must before you flaunt your hair in public. Curling your hair will blend both your natural hair and the extensions in a way that that makes the lengthening almost imperceptible.