Keratin Straightening Techniques

The keratin straightening treatment has created quite a buzz in the celebrity world. There was a time when this type of hair treatment was considered a miracle by a number of famous celebrities. However, it is a method which requires a bit of research, as some celebrities have discovered!

For example, in late 2013 Jennifer Aniston had her hair cut to chin length. The reason for this drastic cut was due to the damage incurred by a kind of bizarre keratin straightening treatment. While the jury is out as to whether or not this really was a “keratin treatment” or something more extreme (you know how celebs like to try new things the rest of us can only dream of doing!), the resulting news articles made more than a few women cautious of keratin treatment.

Keratin straightening techniques

The truth is, there are many advocates for keratin straightening treatment – including salons like Detail Woman. The only real risk with keratin treatment is if the hairdressers are not properly trained in how to apply the treatment. You see, the keratin straightening treatment is very intense compared to other hairstyling treatments. It is a hair smoothing system that is semi-permanent. It targets the outside layer of the hair called the cuticle.

Keratin straightening will deposit a liquid version of keratin (a protein), into the hair. It will also introduce a chemical preservative. After the treatment is completed, your hair will undergo a blow dry and flat ironing which will cause each of the hair strands to go into a straightened condition.

Here at Detail Woman, we only use the world’s most effective and safest keratin straightening systems such as Terre a Mer and Nanokeratin. These solutions have introduced an advancement use of keratin to treat hair and have even incorporated natural hair straightening therapy in the process. The results could be astounding and very opposite Jennifer Aniston’s dubious experience.

Most certified hair stylists recommend this treatment for softening curly hair without permanently altering the hair’s texture. Unlike using a hair iron, it won’t cause your hair to break. in around 90 minutes, your hair can be transformed safely and easily. The results could last up to two-and-a-half months with proper care – for example, don’t wash your hair for 4 days after getting the keratin treatment (so the solution can do its job), and make sure your shampoo is sodium-sulfate-free for best results.

It is interesting to note that women who have straight hair usually try to find ways to curl it, and those who have curly hair try to find ways to straighten it! Ultimately, it comes down to choice. But one good idea before spending your time and money on any hair treatment is to do your research – ask professionals, and check out the testimonials from any prospective suppliers. We all have different hair types, so not all hair solutions or formulas will work well for everyone.

It is true that both straightening and curling your hair can be an investment when done by a professional hair stylist. When you entrust your hair to a quality hairdresser, you’re increasing your chances of a positive outcome. Get a complimentary hair assessment from Detail Woman before you make a commitment – one of our qualified hairdressers will talk you through the entire process. And you’ll be able to avoid a Jennifer Aniston experience!

What Happens When Celebrity Hair Goes Bad?

There are some celebrities who have made their name by simply having bad hair. Donald Trump is a good case in point. His comb-over is the stuff of legends. But most celebrities don’t even think of walking out the door, much less walking the red carpet, without having a hairdresser in their entourage. So, what exactly is going on when otherwise well-coiffed A-Listers appear in public with bad hair?

When celebrity hair goes badSometimes It’s a Big Oops

Occasionally, the team of fashion experts at the back who does the call of stars makes the wrong call and chooses a hair style that is absolutely wrong for their clients. Case in point – when Jennifer Lopez is out in public, all we see is perfection most of the time. However, who can forget that time at the Oscars when her stylists chose a perfectly horrible bouffant hair style that looked so bad on her that we could care less about the dress?

Let’s face it: in sport, you don’t win every game you play, and we all make mistakes from time to time. But we do expect our sporting heroes to be victorious all the time! So it’s not a realistic expectation, in reality. Similarly, sometimes bad hair happens simply because celebrities are so busy that they don’t have the time to get the right look. They rush in to have their hair done and rush back off before it is quite perfect. Oops. I’ll bet they wish they had scheduled in more time for hair care once they see their more “modest appearance” in the media!

Alarming Hair Cuts Can Be a Shocker

When a hair cut works, everyone can’t stop talking about it and you’ll soon see people sporting the style everywhere you go. That’s the reason why people chop their locks. It all started when photos of sweet and short-haired Audrey Hepburn swept the nation way back in the day.

Unfortunately, new cuts and styles don’t always work. They can turn a glam star into a dowdy old lady, or a stylish older femme fatale into a caricature of her former self. If you want to avoid having a bad hair experience, it’s worth your time to consult with your favourite hair salon in Sydney BEFORE the scissors start snipping.

You could call it proof that – sometimes – hair is a great way to get publicity.

The Tale that Pictures Tell

One thing is for certain, if you are a celebrity and you are in the middle of a super-bad hair day, there will be paparazzi everywhere. These guys must have an alert button on their cell phones that delivers the exact location and degree of hair horribleness that is waiting for them. Those pictures are bound to be featured on front pages of every supermarket’s news rag (and live on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest) in less time that it would’ve taken for the poor celeb to hide their hair in a hat or cap!

As a society, we love to watch celebrities. And it’s easy to ask, “What was that girl thinking?”

So the next time you get a less-than-amazing haircut, first be grateful that you’re not a celebrity. Second, call our friendly team at Detail Woman, so we can help turn your disaster into a delight!

Why Cheap Hair Extensions Should Be Avoided

Sydney women considering using hair extensions to spruce up their look need to be aware of the various options available. Quality matters when it comes to hair extensions. When you obtain cheap hair extensions, it probably won’t work the best for your hair, and it could result in damage to your existing hair.

After saying that, buying quality hair extensions in Sydney and other major Australian cities can be a tall order for women, especially if they do not know where to start and what to look for.

Hair extensions come in different types, lengths, textures, and colours. When you buy hair extensions, you need to understand the difference in various hair types. The different hair extensions can be used for specific benefits according to needs of women.

You may find some hair extensions that are 100 percent human hair. These provide the most natural looking type of extensions since they tend to be closest to the real hair of the wearer. It is also easy to take care of the human hair since it is washed and styled the normal way.

Avoid cheap hair extensions

There are other kinds of hair extensions that are made from synthetic materials like plastic, which are not high quality. When using these synthetic hair extensions, they need to be taken care of properly. Plastic doesn’t wash or style the same as normal hair does. Nonetheless, the synthetic hair extensions are considered among the cheapest when compared to human hair.

Mixed blend extensions have a blend of human hair combined with synthetic hair. You will get a middle-quality extension that is cheaper than a human hair and probably slightly expensive than the pure synthetic hair. Women are presented with a big task when it comes to taking care of their hair.

It is critical that women know how to care for their own hair. Having gorgeous and glossy hair is something cherish by women whether young or old. When a woman thinks of having a night out, she has to plan for a perfect look. And hair is one part that must be done properly.

So while cheaper hair extensions can be tempting, you need to ask whether the savings are going to be worth the result in the long run.

Bad hair extensions will not blend proportionately with the natural hair. This can result in hair which looks unbalanced, and easily “fake”. The hair may look rough and uneven instead of glossy and smooth. There may be some ups and downs, broken hairs, or loose ends – all of which create an uncomfortable feeling on the head. The texture of the cheap hair extensions may not be as smooth as you would imagine. This again makes the scalp feel uncomfortable, itchy and irritating.

In case you get cheap quality coloured or dyed hair extensions, you may find that they look dull and lifeless. Quality hair extensions do not lose strands when they are washed, dried, coloured or styled with tools that produce heat. In addition to that, their texture remains flawless for an extended period.

If you’re in Sydney and you’re wondering where to start with hair extensions, our (unbiased!) opinion, is to start by contacting Detail Woman. We have Sydney’s best hair extension services and you will get a lot of options to choose from. You will also be guided by some of the most highly trained hairdressers in Australia.

It can be very intimidating and confusing at first, but with professional help that awaits you, you’ll make an informed decision with you hair extensions – and walk out feeling a sexier, more confident you!

Understanding How Hairdressers Stop Bad Hair Days

Having a ‘bad hair day’ is something many people live with and assume it is a part of life.
However, this is not the right mindset to have and the world’s best hairdressers make sure this
is tackled head on rather than letting it stay as is. So, what do hairdressers do in order to
make the most of what is going on with their client’s hair? Here are a few tips they like to
implement to ensure the hair is back to its very best.

Warm Water And Spray Bottle

A common mistake made by people who are aiming to fix their hair is to use additional gel and/or
mousse to correct things. It is not the right way to go as the hair will end up limp.

This is going to make things worse rather than improving the quality of your hair. Hairdressers
around the world will be seen grabbing a spray bottle and warm water in order to get to the
bottom of this problem. By spraying a bit of the water, it is going to bring life into the hair
and then they are able to play around with it once again.

Dry Shampoos

There are people who are not going to have time in the morning to take a proper shower where
shampoo is being used. In such situations, does that mean you have to live with a bad hair day
instead? No, you can use a dry shampoo and get great results to bring life back into the hair!

The best hair salon in Sydney

Many hairdressers recommend this for those who are pressed for time have time on the go and need
to provide aesthetic value to their hair as needed.


This is something a hairdresser will do for you. Trimming the dead ends is a wonderful way to
bring the hair back to how it was in the past.

The reason people think they are having bad hair days comes down to the liveliness of their hair
as a whole. It is just not going to look as appealing with dead ends.

It is imperative to get to the bottom of this as fast as possible before letting the issue
simmer for too long and not being able to do anything about it. This is where a simple trim will
go a long way.

By making the most of these tips, a person is going to be able to get it to look just like they
want it to. No one should have to deal with bad hair days any longer. There are many people who
refuse to seek assistance and with the help of the professionals who are out there and learning
what they do, having such days is going to be long in the past. Don’t let such hair days get in
the way of your confidence especially when it is not okay to let it stay as is. Use what has
been stated here and make the most of your hair.

The Benefits Of Keratin Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is a kind of beauty treatment that is becoming very popular. Ladies with curly, wavy, nappy or kinky hair can greatly benefit from keratin hair straightening. In fact, it is the most recent trend and craze that most of the celebrities are slowly embracing. People with hair that is naturally curly struggle to have their hair straightened. One of the reasons why curly hair is not styled by many is because it appears lifeless and at times looks messy or untidy. There could be many reasons why people love hair straightening but the most obvious one is that the hair becomes easier to maintain. If you have a very tight schedule and barely have time to maintain your hair, keratin hair straightening is the best option for you.

Hair straightening can either be done on temporary or permanent basis. Japanese and Brazilian hair straightening are temporary methods that are used in almost every salon. Brazilian hair straightening is a special kind of treatment that is intensive and it softens and smoothen giving you the best look. No strong chemicals are used to close and open the hair cuticles in the straightening process. The process involves breaking the bones of your hair shafts. Keratin is a natural substance that penetrates into the hair repairing all internal damages and coats to prevent future damage.

Keratin Hair Straightening in Sydney

Keratin hair straightening offers some key benefits. One of the major benefits is that the treatment can be done on any type of hair. Whether you previously had chemicals on your hair or your hair is still in its natural state, you should have no problems with keratin treatments.

Another benefit of keratin hair straightening is that it reduces the need to use other straightening procedures such as heated styling tools and irons regularly. People who use straightening irons regularly can confirm that the straightening effects of most heated styling tools are not permanent. With time, the straightened hair may begin to curl up once more. Therefore, if you want a permanent solution to your curly hair, keratin hair straightening should be your first priority. You will not have to visit your salon each and every week for hair straightening.

Another benefit of keratin straightening is that it makes frizzy and damaged hair look smooth and silky. If you are a woman who is conscious of your appearance, hair straightening should be among your top beauty services. This treatment moisturizes your hair and as a result, it becomes smoother and easier to manipulate when preparing for your day. With keratin hair straightening, hair that was a problem to handle becomes very easy to style.

When performed properly, this kind of treatment can make your hair immune to the effects of humidity and heat. This means that your hair will not give you trouble when it comes into contact with water.

Choosing The Best Hair Extensions

Every woman wishes to have beautiful and gorgeous hair. Having stunning hair that makes you stand out from the rest is certainly the desire of every lady. If you are not blessed with such hair naturally, then you may consider going for hair extensions. It is very crucial and paramount that you only choose the best hair extensions to enhance you look.

Choosing the best hair extensionsHair extensions can give you truly beautiful curls and can help you look your best, no matter what the occasion is. With the help of these products, you will not just be able to have the hair length that you wanted since long, but can also have absolutely voluminous hair. No matter what the reason of hair loss may be, many of us have gone through it in some point of our lives. If you are struggling with this problem and wish to have a quick solution, then you can go for high quality hair extensions.

Gone are the days when you had to bear the damaging effects of heat, ultrasound or have to go through tearing of your precious hair, these days there are many advanced hair products that are available and which can give you the desired look, without many hassles.

Hair extension can be found in many different styles that include human hair that is as soft as the natural hair on your head. The most important thing to do is to get the best in class product and get it attached on your hair with the help of a professional hairstylist. It is very important to go for the right product only that comes with such an adhesive which has been tested and refined over many years and which does not cause any skin irritations when used.

This becomes all the more important if you own a salon and wish to have completely high class extensions for your customers. By using only such extensions that come with great quality and longevity promise, you can be sure of providing the right products and services to your valued customers. Thus, go for such extensions that look more natural, offer greater volume than the other types of hair extensions, besides looking and feeling great for longer.

Find one of the reliable and well known hair extension suppliers and get a wide range of extensions in various lengths and colors. Save your time and money and create a positive impact of your salon in the minds of your customers by going for high quality and premium tape hair extensions. Go for such products that can help your stylists in creating glamorous and natural looking hairstyles without having to bear any harsh chemicals, or the dangerous effects of heat based hair extensions.

No matter what your requirements are, you can easily find the right extensions made from high quality hair and give your clients the look and feel that they are in need of! The outcome of this is that you will end up with the best hair extensions out there today.

Make your Hair Extensions Look More Natural

Hollywood celebrities have always sported natural-looking hair extensions to add volume and length to their hair. Today, more and more women around the world are turning to hair extensions to improve their look. Different types of hair extensions are available on the market—these are extensions made from real hair or are synthetic. The trick is to make these extensions look like your own by experimenting on how to get them to blend properly with your natural hair.

hair extensions Sydney

After choosing the appropriate length and colour of your hair extensions, the next step is to install the extension in a way that will make it look most natural on you. If you opt to clip them yourself, here are the steps to help you out.

Part and tease your hair. One way to do this is to part your hair in line with your eyebrows, then tease your hair below this part to make it easier for the extension clip to cling onto.

Begin clipping in your hair extension. You may need to repeat the first step to ensure that your hair is exactly of one length all around.

Cut your extensions to blend with your natural hair. It wouldn’t do for people to notice that some strands are longer than the others, so it’s advisable to cut your extensions and leave them four to five inches longer than your natural hair.

Begin styling your hair. This is an absolute must before you flaunt your hair in public. Curling your hair will blend both your natural hair and the extensions in a way that that makes the lengthening almost imperceptible.