Hair Extensions: How to Apply and When to Remove

If you are looking into having hair extensions put in, it will be in your best interest to look for the best method to suit your needs and the desired look that you are going for. Hair extensions provide a way to have your hair longer and fuller in a very short period of time. This makes them very convenient for prom, a wedding or any other special occasion that you may have planned. Once you are tired of the extensions, you can simply have them removed and go back to your natural hair.

How to apply and when to remove hair extensionsHowever, how they are applied will depend upon a few different factors. These factors may include the type of hair that you are having put in, the type of hair that you have naturally, and the professional who you are using to do the application. You have a number of options available for you, including glued, bonded or keratin extensions, micro-bead extensions, clip-on or taped-in extensions or tracks using sewn in extensions.

Some of the longest lasting extensions will be those that are sewn in, otherwise known as a weave or tracks. The length of time that they will last overall will depend upon the quality of the hair that you are having to put in, as well as whether or not your own natural hair has the ability to handle the actual weight of your extensions. It is a good idea to make your way to the salon every six to eight weeks to keep them looking great. You will need to have your hairdresser remove them for you when it is time. Hair Extension Specialist can help you with this. You may visit and see all of your available options.

Bonded, glued or keratin extensions are done by taking a small section of your hair and then bonding the extension with a tiny bonding bead and the use of a hot tool. Just as any other type of extension, you have to keep up with the maintenance, which includes regular salon visits. Some people are able to remove them on their own at home. However, the process will go a lot faster if you have your salon professional take care of the removal for you.

Micro-bead extensions are done simply by clipping the extension onto your natural hair as close to the root as possible. The modern bead connectors are very durable, and they are generally comfortable. However, you need to be careful when using certain styling appliances. These are also hair extensions that can be removed at home or quicker with the help of a professional at a salon.

Clip-on or tape extensions are meant only for temporary use, and you will be able to apply and remove them yourself within a short period of time.

With some research, you will find that one method that will suit your needs more so than the others. It will just be a matter of doing your homework and picking out the right method of application and removal to suit your comfort level.

Common Skin Disorders that Need Skin Clinic Attention

Have you ever had a skin rash that just wouldn’t go away? Dealing with dry skin during the winter or nursing a rash that will go away in a few days is one thing, but there are common skin disorders that require skin clinic visit. You need to know about them so you’ll know how to seek proper treatment if and when any of these skin conditions arise.

Common skin disordersYou’ll also notice as you learn more about these skin disorders that there are some natural solutions out there you can try as well. It’s important to take note of them, discuss them with your doctor, and in conjunction with medical treatment at the clinic, make lifestyle changes using those natural treatment methods to better facilitate your recovery.

What comes to mind when you hear the words “common skin disorders”? You might think of psoriasis, rosacea, acne and more. There are also those common disorders that don’t sound so common to the average individual, such as seborrheic keratoses. What is that? Seborrheic keratoses are skin tumours, but they are in fact non-cancerous and benign. They are very common, and they can be described as growths on the skin that exhibit hyper-pigmentation and are often scaly.

It is important to get to a clinic to have these spots evaluated. If you develop many of these tumours on the surface of your skin, it can indicate that you might actually have cancerous cells inside your body. So while the tumours themselves are benign, our bodies often send us messages through our skin. Other than that, they are mostly a cosmetic issue, but you can try to get rid of them using different forms of skin therapy.

Have you heard of dermatosis papulosa nigra? You probably thought you were going to read about common conditions you already knew about. Now you know that there are many other common skin conditions out there that you haven’t heard of, so any time you see something out of the ordinary, it’s to the clinic we suggest you go!

With dermatosis papulosa nigra, hyperpigmentation is also involved. And, would you believe that this common condition affects over half of the entire African American population? Now, you don’t have to go to a clinic for these growths, which are also benign, but they can get out of hand. In that case, cosmetic treatments can be used to help eliminate the spots.

You may have heard of this next one: cherry angiomas. This is another common skin disorder for which a person might wish to seek cosmetic treatment. What type of treatment is most common? That would be laser therapy, but again, it’s for cosmetic reasons as the cherry angiomas normally don’t cause any medical concerns.

Eczema is another common skin condition that affects millions of people. You’ve probably always heard to get to the doctor if you see an odd looking mole. It’s very important to pay attention to your skin and notice any abnormalities so you can get to a skin clinic asap.

Detail Woman can get all your questions answered. Our skin experts will help you get the right treatment, and you can never go wrong by choosing to seek help from us. You can book your appointment by visiting our website or by dialling 02 9251 9966.

Real Talk: Why Women Hate Curly and Frizzy Hair

When it comes to hair, women can be really picky about what they like and what they don’t like. If someone has curly or frizzy hair, there can be quite a few reasons why they may hate it. It can be hard to control and difficult to do anything with without spending a lot of time on it. This type of hair also requires different types of shampoos and conditioners.

Managing frizzy hair can be quite time consuming. If someone doesn’t have much time in the mornings, it can be very difficult to know what to do. A person would need to either straighten their hair or put products in it to reduce the chance of it turning frizzy. Not having much time in the mornings would only add to the problem. Keratin treatment can help solve this problem.

Why woman hate frizzy hairIn order to do those things, they would have to wake up earlier. They would not be able to just wash their hair and go. It can be hard to maintain that type of schedule each day.

One option could be to cut their hair short. However, with curly hair, this still might be an issue. It might be a little bit easier to work with if it is shorter, but some things will still have to be done.

A lot of women with curly hair envy people with straight hair. They can just brush it and go, and that can seem ideal. It can make it feel like having curly hair is a big pain and something that takes a lot of time to get right instead of something that is easier to manage.

Another reason why women hate having curly and frizzy hair is because of the care they have to take when washing it. If they wash it with regular shampoo, it will sometimes just make it frizzier. This can be frustrating, and it is hard to know what products to use.

They might have to spend a lot of time and energy on finding the right product that works for their hair. They might have to buy a few things before finding the right one, and the cost of that will quickly add up. Even if something works for one person, it might not work well for another, and that can be hard when you are trying to figure out what works.

Leaving the hair alone is not a good idea and will frustrate the woman even more. Walking around with frizzy hair can feel embarrassing, and there is a lot of pressure to have it look the right way. There isn’t an easy way to handle it. Keratin straightening is one way to fix curly and frizzy hair.

If you do have this type of hair, the best thing to do would be to research your options. Look and see what others have tried, and find something that works. Keep in mind that it might take a while in order to figure out a good method, but it will be worth it if you put time and energy into it.

The best option, however, would be visiting a good salon like Detail Woman. Professional advice from our hair experts will help guide you with your options for getting rid of your curly hair. We can even help you choose the perfect hairstyles for your curly hair that would suit should you be keen on keeping it curly. You might even start loving your curly hair. Please visit and book your appointment today!

Trendy Hair Colours for 2015

Hair is one of those things that we love to fancy up for other people and for ourselves, too. It’s fun to try out different hair styles, to do it up short or long, to make it elegant or sporty. It’s just as fun to colour it. We can see how some of the more wild and wacky colours might look on us, or see how we’d look if we’d been born a redhead instead of a brunette.

Trendy hair coloursHair is just fun! Which means that as we close out the year 2015, you may want to consider trying a new hair colour in the best hair salon in Sydney. If you want to try out new colours before the year ends, you may want to know what the trendy hair colours for 2015 are as you only have a couple months left in this year. Now, you don’t have to go with a trendy hair colour, of course. You should go with the hair colour that entertains you. You should do stuff that makes you happy, not do stuff just because other people are doing the same thing. Still, trendy hair colours can be fun, so there’s no reason to rule them out completely either.

With the spring months bringing Halloween along with them, many people enjoy colouring their hair weird, wacky colours! A popular colour combination is orange and black, which are fairly symbolic of the season. They’re fun, festive colours that can easily draw attention.

Many other people are going with more “traditional” outlandish hair colours and are simply dyeing their hair platinum blond or blue. These are good choices because they’re the types of over-the-top colours that are almost acceptable by every day society. While there are still some work dress codes that demand no unnatural hair colours, most people will still simply chuckle and shrug if you have a hair colour like blue.

In the spirit of the colour of the season, many people are choosing to see how they might have looked as a red head. While the summer is always a popular season for strawberry blond, the spring months bring a rise of people who try out a darker red colour. Sometimes this red might be a brick or fire truck red, but more often, it’s the lighter, more natural looking red that gives a dark sheen in the right light. After all, what other colour would remind you so well of the leaves out side?

And of course, no matter what year, what season, or what month you’re in, everyone wants to try going simply blond or brunette, just to see how it would look. Giving the opposite colour a try is always trendy. Look for a hair salon in Sydney and try this new style.

It all boils down to the fact that, you should try out hair colours that make you happy. Go with what you think will be fun, or what you think will look nice. Sometimes, there’s a simple fun in trying something just because you thought someone else looked good with it. So you do whatever feels right to you.

For advice on the best colour combination for your hair type, you may want to book an appointment at Detail Woman by visiting their website or by simply dialling 02 9251 9966.