Some of the Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Tricks

When you read about odd beauty secrets from random people, you might be hesitant to try them out, right? But when you hear about certain celebrities touting weird beauty secrets, it can make you want to give them a try. After all, you’ve seen their pictures, and they are always in front of the public eye. If they tell you their secret is dumping mashed potatoes on their face, then you might just do it!

Skin clinic beauty trendsIn all seriousness, you’re about to learn about some beauty secrets that are odd indeed. Before getting into the details of some of the more popular ones, think about this: Imagine putting a face mask of bird poop on yourself! Or what if you were told that leeches could be therapeutic to your skin? Don’t get scared off! Those aren’t what we’re suggesting. It’s time to discover some beauty regimen tricks and trends that you’ve never heard about before. If you are hesitant to try these beauty tricks, you can always go to Sydney skin clinic for best results.

Are you ready to take an ice bath? That’s one of them, and it’s guaranteed to wake you up! Talk about getting your skin ready in the morning! All kinds of bizarre new facials are always being created. One of the weirdest ones that I found was a placenta facial.

I also saw one clay facial mask that Madonna was using in a picture. If you search crazy celeb beauty trend secrets, you’ll see all kinds of pictures. Sometimes they tweet themselves using these secrets, and they can truly be rather bizarre.

Have you ever used a really weird beauty secret in the past? It might not sound so weird once you find out who else out there is using the same idea. If you’ve heard of a bird poop facial, you’ve heard it all. So, go for it, and see what else is new that you haven’t tried just yet.

I expected it to be mainly women taking advantage of the beauty secrets, but male celebs are also focusing on looking their best. I’m not a celebrity, but I take part in different beauty trends from time to time. I currently use three different facial masks on a rotating basis, but these are products I bought in skin clinic.

I still have not slathered honey all over my face or anything like that, but I’m tempted to do so. See what you’re tempted to do after you find out your favourite celebrity has already tried it ahead of you. Lady Gaga had a lip mask and a facial mask on that made her look like Hannibal Lecter in some of her pictures.

You can bet that when a celebrity tries something, beauty experts are going to check out whether or not that beauty secret has any merit. When you see that someone pours soda on their hair without washing it out, don’t you want to know if there’s a good reason? This is really what one celebrity does to keep their hair from being too fine. You might not try out all of their secrets, but I’m sure you’ll find something!

And while you are still doubtful about some bizarre tricks that would give you successful results, why not seek for a professional advice? We at Detail Woman can answer all your questions about skin care. Visit and find out ways we can provide to help.


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