Possible Dangers of Hair Extensions and How to Avoid Them

Although hair extensions were occasionally used by actresses in the recent past, they have since become an amazing invention open to the mainstream. Women both young and old use hair extensions to add lustre and thickness to their hair, thus making their hair seem healthier and stronger than it is.  Whether synthetic or real human hair, the extensions may be applied using glue, wax, clip in, microring, weave, or cold fusion, among other methods.

Although most women use these extensions as an addition to their beauty, many of them are unaware of possible dangers that come with these add-ons. Discussed below are some of the possible dangers of hair extensions and how to avoid them.

Possible dangers of hair extensions1. Hair damage:

Using hair extensions can cause massive hair damage, which again can lead to patched baldness. This is mainly because the extra hair is too heavy for the hair roots to hold, which means most of the added hair will automatically be pulled out due to the weight. This mostly happens with black-market hair extensions that are a lot heavier. Patched baldness can also be caused by having a weave on for too long, thus depriving your hair off oils and the aeration needed for a healthy scalp.  To avoid this, you should only consider high quality hair extensions (buy them from certified suppliers), or even better; use the extensions minimally.

2. Excruciating pain and headaches:

According to research, many of the women who go for hair treatments (mainly hair extensions) suffer from excruciating pain on the scalp, and headaches that may last for a while. This is attributed to all the pulling being done when fixing the extensions, or simply if the extensions are too tight.  Nonetheless, using an experienced hairstylist to fix the extensions could prevent this. Finding an experienced hairstylist may however be hard considering the many hair salons available with trainees of self-proclaimed hairstylists who haven’t received any form of training, so be aware of that when looking for a hairstylist.

3. Allergic reactions:

Using hair extensions can have devastating effects on the user, especially for those with sensitive skin. There have been cases of patients suffering from dermatitis caused by rubbers and glues used during extension application or removal.  It is believed that using the wrong solutions when fixing or removing hair extensions is the cause of many recorded allergic reactions. Health practitioners therefore recommend using a hairstylist with formal training and who is certified to do this.  In addition to this, you are advised to see a dermatologist for help/advise on whether to use hair extensions, and which application method/solution should be used.

4. Black-market hair extensions:

Originally, hair extensions were specially designed for efficiency and the quality was unquestionable. The price was however over the top for many people, and this gave rise to cheap, black-market hair extensions.  These could be second-hand hair extensions from someone who had discarded them, or made by low quality manufacturers. If you have to use hair extensions, always consider using original and high quality products.

Another possible danger of using the wrong hair extensions, is that it may affect the thickness of your natural hair. This may be caused due to lack of aeration, heavy extensions, or due to the straining on the hair follicles. If you are seeking hair extension, only use them during special occasions or invest in high quality human hair.

And above all, be sure to patron a reputable hair salon in Sydney who use only premium, 100% human hair extensions… like Detail Woman!


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