Why Cheap Hair Extensions Should Be Avoided

Sydney women considering using hair extensions to spruce up their look need to be aware of the various options available. Quality matters when it comes to hair extensions. When you obtain cheap hair extensions, it probably won’t work the best for your hair, and it could result in damage to your existing hair.

After saying that, buying quality hair extensions in Sydney and other major Australian cities can be a tall order for women, especially if they do not know where to start and what to look for.

Hair extensions come in different types, lengths, textures, and colours. When you buy hair extensions, you need to understand the difference in various hair types. The different hair extensions can be used for specific benefits according to needs of women.

You may find some hair extensions that are 100 percent human hair. These provide the most natural looking type of extensions since they tend to be closest to the real hair of the wearer. It is also easy to take care of the human hair since it is washed and styled the normal way.

Avoid cheap hair extensions

There are other kinds of hair extensions that are made from synthetic materials like plastic, which are not high quality. When using these synthetic hair extensions, they need to be taken care of properly. Plastic doesn’t wash or style the same as normal hair does. Nonetheless, the synthetic hair extensions are considered among the cheapest when compared to human hair.

Mixed blend extensions have a blend of human hair combined with synthetic hair. You will get a middle-quality extension that is cheaper than a human hair and probably slightly expensive than the pure synthetic hair. Women are presented with a big task when it comes to taking care of their hair.

It is critical that women know how to care for their own hair. Having gorgeous and glossy hair is something cherish by women whether young or old. When a woman thinks of having a night out, she has to plan for a perfect look. And hair is one part that must be done properly.

So while cheaper hair extensions can be tempting, you need to ask whether the savings are going to be worth the result in the long run.

Bad hair extensions will not blend proportionately with the natural hair. This can result in hair which looks unbalanced, and easily “fake”. The hair may look rough and uneven instead of glossy and smooth. There may be some ups and downs, broken hairs, or loose ends – all of which create an uncomfortable feeling on the head. The texture of the cheap hair extensions may not be as smooth as you would imagine. This again makes the scalp feel uncomfortable, itchy and irritating.

In case you get cheap quality coloured or dyed hair extensions, you may find that they look dull and lifeless. Quality hair extensions do not lose strands when they are washed, dried, coloured or styled with tools that produce heat. In addition to that, their texture remains flawless for an extended period.

If you’re in Sydney and you’re wondering where to start with hair extensions, our (unbiased!) opinion, is to start by contacting Detail Woman. We have Sydney’s best hair extension services and you will get a lot of options to choose from. You will also be guided by some of the most highly trained hairdressers in Australia.

It can be very intimidating and confusing at first, but with professional help that awaits you, you’ll make an informed decision with you hair extensions – and walk out feeling a sexier, more confident you!


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