How to Wear Hair Extensions That Look Natural

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume to your hair, changing or enhancing its look in the process. Extensions come in two types, natural and synthetic, and the former can be almost indistinguishable from the wearer’s own real hair. Care must be taken to make the hair extension tasteful in appearance, however, as even natural hair extensions can stick out like a sore thumb if not worn properly.

One way to wear hair extensions without them looking too obvious would be to try the clip-in variety and tying them up as ponytails; the ties allow you to hide the extensions’ clips. Another technique to conceal clip-in extensions is to “tease” your hair into a playful mess. This gives your hair a whimsical and chic look while covering up any clip-in points.

There are other ways you can wear extensions to make them appear natural without being too labour-intensive. Women can wear headbands along with their hairstyle – not just to afford easy cover, but also to prevent their hair from slipping and frizzing. Those who had their extensions woven in have to carefully treat their extensions as they would their own real hair, and should try sleeping on silk pillowcases so as not to frizz the hair.

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