Hair Extensions Should Blend Well with Your Hair

The popularity of hair extensions illustrates how women value long and thick hair. With different kinds of hair extensions to choose from, preferences boil down to the hair type, method of attachment and budget. The hair extensions you select should also blend well with your own hair to achieve a natural look.

The length and colour of the hair extensions you choose should complement your natural hair. It is best to choose hair extensions that are neither too long nor too short for your original hair. It also helps to find hair extensions that match the colour of your original hair, or a shade that complements your skin tone. Extensions that are too different from your real hair may not give you the authenticity and beauty that you want.

As for application, the basic methods to consider are keratin bonding, weaving and tape-in. Keratin bonding is the longest-lasting but also the most expensive, while weave extensions are more affordable but require more frequent maintenance.

With regard to hair type, virgin Remy hair is considered to have the highest quality as it has never seen any chemical treatment. The cuticles of the strands are still intact, making them stronger and easier to manage, with a soft and silky texture. While virgin Remy hair costs more than other hair extension types, its beautiful and easy-to-style qualities make it a worthwhile investment.

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