Hair Color Trends and Tips for 2015

Nothing is more dramatic than changing hair colors and if you’re planning to visit your salon soon, this might be a good read.

Hot Red

This hair color is highly sought after as it conveys elegance and enhances sex appeal. Whether you’re sporting long, wavy locks or straight, mid-length hair, this hue will do wonders for you. The secret to properly executing this look is to consider your skin tone and the make-up that you’re going to use. Keep to a warm skin tone and make up for a sunned look or you can go natural and just swipe in some red lipstick for a dramatic effect.

Natural Brown

If your hair is on the short side, you can go with dark brown shades this year. Think about deep ebony or warm mocha; there are several shades you can explore. Depending on the occasion, get short crops straight and shiny or have your glossy long locks styled into a glamorous up-do.

White Blonde

Blonde hair was a 2014 favorite but with ombre being a trend right now, the style will definitely continue to dominate the hair scene this 2015. If your hair color is on the darker shade of blonde, ombre lowlights will definitely add depth and texture to your hair. For natural blondes, you can go for dirty blonde and wear your hair loose to achieve that bed-head look.


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