Hair Care Tips for Women

For image-conscious women, makeup, clothes and jewellery are secondary to a woman’s crowning glory. Gorgeous hair speaks volumes about a woman’s commitment to care for herself and look after her sense of fashion and style. Without that tender loving care, hair gets damaged, tangled, and unmanageable, which is why it’s essential to maintain your daily grooming routine.

Minimise Hair Breakage

Following simple routines diligently can help reduce hair breakage. Apply shampoo only after your hair is thoroughly wet, and then condition the tips every other day to stop them from drying out. Hair is especially delicate after taking a shower, so hold off brushing your hair until it’s dry.

Practice Blow Dry Basics

Excessive heat from flat irons and hair dryers can fry and damage hair, so it’s best to avoid using them together too often. When you need to use the blow dryer, opt for the warm setting instead.

Choose a Trusted Hair Salon

Professional hair stylists will know all the best ways to care for your type of hair. Not only can they give you a trendy haircut that will suit your face and shape, but they can also provide tips that will help you achieve healthy and naturally gorgeous hair.


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