Long, Lovely, and Work-Ready: A Hair Style Guide

Is it possible to have hair that’s long, lovely, and work-ready? Yes, absolutely! You don’t have to chop your hair to achieve that no-nonsense, business-minded look. You just have to know how to tame your tresses, especially if they’re on the unruly side. Here’s a handy style guide for career-minded ladies with long hair:

Do not discount hair extensions.

Have you always wanted to try hair extensions for a hair boost, but you always shied away because of work? Don’t dismiss the idea anymore! Sydney hair extensions are actually perfect for adding volume to hair, so you can top off your power clothing with a lovely crown. Premier stylists in the city can install your hair extensions, cut, and colour them, so they look seamlessly natural, super stylish, and still sophisticated.

Slick and textured styles work.

A sleekly straight hairstyle is always a go-to ‘do for corporate events, and so are pulled-back ponytails. However, you don’t have to keep your hair neatly combed all the time. Textured styles can also work, and you can use simple accessories like a thin, plain black headband to put the up-do together.

Keep it easy but never not chic.

Leaving your hair dull and looking lifeless is one of the sure-fire ways to look unprofessional, so don’t get lazy! Even a five to fifteen-minute hairstyle can still make you look pulled-together for work. Stick to easy ‘dos with subtle twists that are classically stylish.


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