The Makings of a Good Sydney Hairdresser

To most women, their hair is a big deal. After all, a beautiful hair style can be our least expensive (and most head-turning!) beauty accessory. A study shows that an average woman will spend $44,300 dollars on her hair in her lifetime. That’s about $700 dollars spent on haircuts, coloring and various hair care products annually. While women do their best to care for their hair, there simply is no other alternative to visiting a trusted hairdresser in Sydney.

Each time you sit on that salon chair, you place the appearance of your hair entirely in the hairdresser’s hands. That being said, an ideal hairdresser should be:

  1. Skilled

  • This should go without saying. Hairstyle trends change frequently and it is a hairdresser’s duty to keep updated with the current and popular hairstyles. He or she should also exert extra effort in getting ongoing training to ensure they stay on top of their game

  1. Good at Conversations

  • Your hairdresser should be willing to listen to your needs and be able to suggest an alternative if they feel that a certain hairstyle will not work for you. Also, a little chat about fun topics can certainly provide an entertaining distraction while you’re getting your hair done.

  1. Well-Mannered

  • Hairdressers deal with multiple clients in one day so, they should always have good attitude and work ethics. They should treat their clients well and help them get their money’s worth in services and products.


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