Stress Management: Health Benefits of Body Massage

Stress on every level—emotional, mental, and physical—affects almost every active and working adult. Stress and bodily tension hits before the end of the day, and then quite often, linger for a while longer. Managing stress varies among people, but, these days for most of them, the fastest and more popular way to relieve physical stress and body aches is by going for a body massage. Women who like the feeling of being pampered prefer the special body massage and spa services of a reputable or high-end day spa salon that knows how to help its clients unwind and relax.

Different types of massages target different areas in the body. Varying techniques in strokes and amount of pressure applied, including areas along the elbows, forearms, legs and feet, are adapted to provide alternating levels of relief and relaxation.

Aside from alleviating muscle and joint pain, a good body massage is also effective therapy for relieving anxiety and headaches. Many pregnant women also opt for massage therapy throughout their pregnancy as a form of stress management, particularly in controlling the swelling of certain body parts and the relief of pressure from muscle aches and weight gain. It is advisable, however, for pregnant women to consult first with their doctors before deciding on a massage or other forms of alternative therapy.

In addition to pain relief benefits, body massage also helps reduce cellulite by weakening the subcutaneous tissues in the area. Patients who have regular massage therapies may benefit from looking younger as their skin becomes firm over time.


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