Tips for a Less Painful Bikini Waxing

Many Australian women love the freedom of confidently strolling down the beach on a perfect summer’s day – especially in a new bikini! The reality of such a beach walk though means a lot of preparation, not only for a fit and lean body, but also for a cleanly waxed bikini area.

Understandably, bikini waxing can make some women cringe at the very thought of it – while others may think the pain is not worth price for beauty. Listed below are several tips for a less painful bikini waxing experience.


Your wax technician in your favourite day spa will appreciate the personal care & consideration you give in advance – specifically by scheduling your bikini wax after your period. Because you’re likely to be more sensitive as you get closer to the first day of your cycle, thoughtfully scheduling your waxing session can help reduce your discomfort.

Skip coffee time

The stimulants in coffee can make your skin extra sensitive. So does salt and booze which can leave you with that awful “bloated feeling”.

Soften the area

Bathe with warm water for about 20 minutes before your schedule to help soften the hair and open the pores. Better yet, invest in a diaper cream to hydrate your skin. A moisturized skin can help you tolerate pain better.

Take aspirin

Over-the-counter pain killers help reduce pain sensations, plus they help mitigate inflammation on that area. Be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging to avoid any unpleasant side-effects.

Avoid tight clothes

Your new skin is extra sensitive to bacteria, moisture and rubbing from your pants. Plus it can cause ingrown hair. Wear cotton underwear and loose skirts for the mean time to alleviate irritation.



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