Want a New Hairstyle? A Look at 2015 Trends

The fashion industry is held in high regard in Australia, thanks to supermodels like Miranda Kerr and Hollywood’s newest “It Girl”, Margot Robbie. As a result, most people want to appear they are up to speed with the latest trends, so they don’t stick out in public like a sore thumb! Fashion magazines already have a list of what’s in and what’s out in clothes and accessories… but what about hairstyles? If you are heading to a big event soon, here are some ideas to explore when you visit a hair salon:

Soft waves

Super-straight hair is a thing of the past. What’s in these days is a hairstyle dominated by soft waves that frame the face. Still, the trick is to keep it subtle— you don’t want to look like you spent days and days using the curling iron.

Long hair in low ponytail

Long, flowing hair is something that most women covet—and for good reason. Long hair can be styled in a variety of ways—each one offering the wearer enhanced, elegant beauty. Still, those with long hair these days shouldn’t just let it all hang down. Instead, keeping it in a low ponytail—one in the nape of the neck—and leave out a few strands can create an ethereal feel.

Messy bun

To make a messy bun in line with the country’s summertime, try complimenting it with a floral headband. An embellished piece will certainly make a statement.


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