Just How Precise are Precision Haircuts?

If you want hair that naturally falls into place and a style that you can easily replicate at home, then precision cutting is for you. As the name implies, each section of the hair is cut according to how the style is engineered. In the deft hands of a creative director or senior stylist, a precision cut makes even the subtlest hair colour pop and frames your face in a flattering way.

The idea behind precision cuts was simple: to allow someone with even the most out-of-control hair, to have a style which could be quickly and easily applied each day. The stylist needs to factor in many hair factors including texture, wave patterns, length and more.

The rules of precision haircuts are dictated by the hairstyle in question, making them relatively flexible. Produce a picture of the hairdo you love, and a senior or master stylist should be able to more or less eplicate it with your hair. To execute a design, a stylist trained in precision cutting goes through an imaginary checklist to determine the best approach for styling your hair. Your stylist should also give you proper hair care and styling tips so you can enjoy your look for as long as possible.


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