Wedding Planning 101: Selecting a Hairstyle

Is your big day coming up? Have you decided on your hairstyle yet? Much like your gown and makeup, the way you wear your hair on your wedding day should accentuate your lovely features throughout the event. If you will be getting a haircut or a hair treatment, make sure you choose one that you will enjoy until your honeymoon or even beyond that.

The big question is: how do you know which hairstyle is the perfect one? You have to consider many things, so you can decide. For one, you have to know which hairstyles suit your face shape. Your coiffed locks shouldn’t make your face more round or more elongated, for instance. The style must also complement your dress and match your accessories. Here are some on-trend ideas you can play around with:

  • For oval faces: Romantic or loose up-dos with relaxed braids, glamorous vintage curls, and virtually any other hairstyle!
  • For round faces: Soft waves, a sleek chignon, or a high bun
  • For square-shaped faces: Soft side ponytail or a wispy down do swept to or parted on the side
  • For heart-shaped faces: Half-up, half-down with big curls at the bottom

Whichever you’re interested in, stylists from the best hair salon in Sydney can work their magic in giving you a look that would leave your groom and guests in awe. Make sure you book a trial, so you can see how your hair will look and change anything for your big day.


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